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Do you want to improve your social media marketing strategies for 2021, that’s great! Now is the ideal time to make things happen and put 2020 behind us for good. But if you’re unsure about your marketing strategies, seek advice from social media experts. It is the best way to learn a trade from someone who has already walked in your shoes.

social media marketing strategies
Let’s get started by reading An Bui’s advice on how to improve your social media marketing strategies.

Who is An Bui?

an bui digital marketing

An Bui – Founder of Online Career Accelerator

Is he an accurate mentor/coach? The answer is YES! An Bui Digital Marketing will walk you through the steps. He is a digital marketing specialist who will teach you different digital marketing courses online. These courses will help you prepare for a career in digital marketing. So, sign up for the Online Career Accelerator right now! You will learn the various strategies and technologies needed to fulfill your goals and the needs of your industry.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is the use of social media platforms and social networks to advertise a company’s goods and services. It is a technique that uses social media channels to communicate with the consumer avatar and guide them along the Customer Value Journey. For most companies, social media marketing represents a major opportunity, and most specialized industries will find their consumer avatars online.

Is Social Media Marketing Necessary?

It is easy to answer yes to this question and pretend that everybody can use social media. We believe that 90% of businesses should use social media.

Implement a social media marketing plan if you want to achieve the following targets for your business or your work

  • You want more leads and clients.
  • You need to have more income.
  • You’re looking for more social evidence.

This is why 90% of companies have the go-ahead to implement a social media strategy. What company doesn’t want more leads and customers?

That takes us to the question of who should not embark on a social media marketing campaign. If your business is experiencing some of the following symptoms, your social plan should be put on hold until you repair the leaks:

  • You can’t keep up with the demand for your goods or services.
  • You are unable to provide the customers with a 5-star experience.
  • You’re a one-man show with no spare time.

If all of these are true, it is much more critical that you spend your time plugging those leaking holes (by creating systems, delegating and hiring, simplifying your packages, etc.). You can execute your social media marketing plan if you can keep up with demand and continue to provide your consumers with a 5-star experience by producing high-quality and usable content.

Tips for Social Media Marketing Strategies in Every Platforms 


Use Facebook for paying ad reach and become well-versed in their ad platform. Facebook is excellent for targeting a particular audience based on their purchasing habits and interests. They get bonus points for having Instagram that makes ads a little easier because you can advertise on both channels.


Using Instagram’s multiple picture publishers, you can create how-to guides, highlight multiple testimonials at once, and cover a lot of content in a small amount of space.  


Twitter should be your main social listening source. An Bui came up with the brilliant idea of sharing excerpts from our podcast episodes with our audience. He will tap into what our audience wants to see from us and what they want us to speak about by using social listening.


Make a point of including a call to action in your YouTube videos. People on YouTube are usually searching for an answer to their query since it is the second largest search site. Your videos will provide answers to their questions and point them in the direction of a solution to their problem. It is also applicable to Pinterest. People on YouTube and Pinterest are in the Seeker Mindset, which means they are searching for something specific.


Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your social media audience isn’t on TikTok. Since you can’t add a link to your profile until you have 10,000 followers, make sure you’re telling your TikTok audience where they can learn more about your products in your videos.

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