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If you aim to generate leads, enhance conversion rates, or increase a brand’s online presence, digital marketing skills enable you to achieve results on a large scale. Digital marketing skills are essential for modern professionals and businesses because of their potency, broad scope, comprehensive performance analytics, and personalization tools. These things have grown in importance as a COVID-19-induced digital revolution sweeps the global workplace.

Having digital marketing experience opens up exciting possibilities for both individuals and companies. As consumers become tech-savvy and technology advances, digital marketers will need great innovation, empathy, and communication management skills to achieve positive ROI on digital marketing campaigns.

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What Skills Do I Need to be Competitive as Digital Marketer?

The following skills represent a massive opportunity. Mastering the skills below will help you plan for the future.

Here are some of the emerging skills you’ll need to learn to be competitive at work.

1. The ability to interpret data and derive insights

The growth of digital marketing has resulted in an avalanche of data. Marketers now have a better understanding of how campaigns are doing and customer behavior. To make sense of this massive amount of data, digital marketers of the future will need to master data analytics.

Digital marketing data analytics extends beyond web analytics and website results. Tomorrow’s digital marketers will need to understand how data shapes and drives the consumer experience across platforms and channels. They would need to be proficient in navigating technologies, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads Managers, and numerous ad exchanges. If their company collects more customer data, they’ll need to learn Excel and SQL so they can run queries on it and find insights.

2. Project management and organization skills

Managing several digital campaigns can quickly become complicated. Building an omnichannel marketing strategy entails different tools and metrics with a variety of moving parts to coordinate. Digital marketers must also have project management experience and put diverse teams together to bring marketing concepts from concept to execution.

Leading and directing internal and external teams to handle tasks and deliverables are examples of project management skills. For project managers, technical skills are relevant. But they must also break down complex projects into manageable measures. They must be able to clearly articulate objections and then motivate teams to provide reliable service.

3. Automation expertise and understanding

Marketing automation optimizes, streamlines, and automates marketing campaigns. Workflows allow companies to send marketing and sales messages to specific customers.  Automation allows the team to do more while still providing a great customer experience.

4. UX skills and knowledge of the consumer experience

Marketing is no longer all about persuading customers to buy. It now includes onboarding, messaging, and even upsells, as well as post-purchase experiences. Because of this ongoing campaign to retain and upsell existing clients, advertisers must have a thorough understanding of the whole consumer experience and provide recommendations on the best UX and CX.

5. Expertise in social media

For many businesses, social media is a powerful tool for increasing website traffic and, eventually, sales. With just over half of Americans reading news stories on social media in 2021, and a third receiving their news directly from Facebook, it’s clear that your target audience is spending time on social networks. Marketers must research to determine if their target markets are and what kind of creativity would most appeal to them. They need to produce content in different formats, such as photos, videos and cut the creative into various sizes to suit the various social feeds. Finally, advertisers must rely on robust analytic capabilities to ensure that social ads offer a high return on investment.


The growth of digital marketing skills will continue to be data-driven and competitive in the future. Digital marketers will need to be inventive in their content creation, but they will also need the expertise and resources to calculate the effectiveness of each effort. When digital marketing evolves, the best digital marketers will be lifelong learners eager to learn and invest in new digital marketing skills. Developing your skills is critical to your success when it comes to your marketing efforts. Understanding how to develop marketing plans, incorporate every aspect of your funnel, and report on your performance, among other items, will ensure that you get the desired results.

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