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Do you want to get a job but don’t know how to handle an interview? Job interviews can be stressful, particularly if you don’t have much experience. Get An Bui’s advice to make sure you’re ready for the big day. 

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Tips from An Bui will help you plan better. As we are all aware, remote interviews are becoming a crucial aspect of today’s work market. So, discover all of the most relevant remote interview tips to give yourself the best chance to ace an interview. Enroll at Online Career Accelerator to further enhance your interview skills. Look no further than the remote interview tips and advice provided below.

Why are Remote Job Interviews Becoming More Popular?

The globalized environment was triggering an increase in the number of remote interviews. With people hopping countries like never before and looking for work in far-flung places, it was only inevitable that remote interviews would become a standard solution for the modern hiring process. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, This trend has been accelerated, and more businesses have become accustomed to operating remotely and using related technology. Of course, remote interviews save everybody time and money, and they could be even more beneficial than traditional interviews. 

How to Prepare for a Remote Job Interview

Preparing for a remote interview is similar to preparing for a traditional interview.  You must complete the following task: 

  • Research your targeted company.
  • Prepare your outfit.
  • Prepare yourself for common interview questions.
  • Consider how you can use technology while conducting remote interviews
  • Prepare examples of how you reacted to various job scenarios that could be part of interview questions.
  • Make a list of questions you want to ask the interviewer.

If you need help with this stage of training, check out the Online Career Accelerator’s online course on how to ace an interview.

A remote interview, on the other hand, requires an extra effort to succeed. You must test the device you want to use, as well as your internet connection to ensure that it functions properly. You may do this by dialing a friend, roommate, or family member to see how it works and to measure the sound quality. If your signal is weak, you can walk around the house to find the safest and most secure location for the interview.

How to Ace A Remote Interview in 5 Easy Steps

This roundup of remote interview tips will help you prepare for the next big opportunity:

1) Setup for your remote interview

Now that you’ve checked the technologies and become acquainted with how it works, you should start thinking about your setup, or what the interviewer will see when they video call you.

  • Remove all distractions.
  • Think about the lighting

2) Greetings and introductory remarks

The early stages are mostly used to get to know you without exploring the heavy questions. This will enable you to connect effectively and to demonstrate your interpersonal skills in order to manage small talk. These skills are becoming increasingly necessary as the number of remote workers and meetings increases!

3) Make sure you have interview materials on hand.

When the interviewer asks you questions, he or she is probably looking over your resume. You can also keep your CV near your desktop so that you can quickly respond to what they are looking at. You should keep notes and pre-written responses nearby to help you recall what you needed to say. You can also bring a notepad, which will come in handy when you ask your own questions at the end of the interview. It’s a good idea to write down a series of questions in case your mind wanders or you forget something important. Inquiring about the company culture, what performance looks like, and the key challenges of the position are all good questions that demonstrate that you’re interested in more than just the job description and salary.

4) Maintain eye contact

Today, most of us work from a laptop rather than a desktop, which means that the camera on our laptop is lower than our heads, making it difficult to maintain eye contact with anyone we are video calling. Instead, it may seem that we are looking down at them.

There are two options for dealing with this.  To begin, position books underneath your laptop to lift them off the desk and bring the camera closer to your face. However, there are purpose-built items available on the market that can do the same thing, and they are generally better.

5) Nonverbal communication

A remote interview’s main disadvantage is that it restricts everyone’s body language. This poses a risk because body language signals account for more than half of our contact. Make sure you smile regularly and nod while the other person is speaking. You can prove that you’re paying attention to what they’re saying and also gives them a positive feeling.

How to Make the Most of Remote Job Interviews

There is another way to ace your interview, and this tip has the potential to set you apart from the competition. You should take advantage of the technology available to you. Answering questions with relevant facts and specific examples is one of the most difficult aspects of a work interview. However, in a remote interview, you have the ability to respond to questions in a unique way that will set you apart.

For example, you might show the people interviewing you the following:

  • Your portfolio or testimonials
  • Your business’s website
  • Past Projects
  • Demonstrate Technical
  • Expertise and experience.
  • Use graphics to help you explain situations and make decisions.

If you want to use technology in this manner, you must first prepare it and ensure that it is functional. No interviewer wants to be kept waiting for a response as you work on a technical problem. Close any open tabs that you don’t want them to see.

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