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How To Start Freelancing And Become a Freelancer

How to start freelancing

Thinking about how to start freelancing but don’t know where to start? Then this guide is for you.

An Bui Digital Marketing created this as an ultimate guide on how to start freelancing for beginners. Whether you wish to work as a freelance writer, web designer, or developer, this article will walk you through the process in 9 easy steps.

Continue reading only if you are ready to put in the effort necessary to attain your goal of being a freelancer and achieving financial independence.

What are the best ways to how to start freelancing?

It all starts with figuring out what you want to accomplish with your freelance business. You should not get in your car and drive if you did not know where you were going. Similarly, you should not start a freelance business without one either. 

It is difficult to know where to go if you don’t have a destination. Your freelancing business will have a destination if you set goals for it. Every day, you will have to inspire yourself to find clients and execute excellent work for them and figure out why you are doing it in the first place.

  • Why are you interested in working as a freelancer in the first place?
  • Want to supplement your income?
  • Are you looking for a way to supplement your full-time income?
  • How much do you hope to make as a freelancer?

Your motivation for becoming a freelancer will serve as your compass for determining whether or not you are successful.

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2. Choose the skills you’ll use to begin freelancing

Your business will be based on the specific skills you possess whether you plan to work as a freelancer full-time or part-time. You need to identify your essential skills to put in resume that you have developed over the years that others may not have.

It will be simplest to begin using all of the skills you have already been compensated to use. It made no difference whether the employment was full-time or part-time, as long as you were paid.

Chances are if an employer would pay you to do that job, you are good at it. That’s a skill you can probably use to start your own freelance career. Consider your last several jobs, what were you paid to do for those businesses?

Don’t be afraid to try something new, whether it’s customer service, graphic design, photography, or financial modelling. If those professions required creativity or the use of specialized software, it’s much more probable that someone would rather pay you than take the time to develop that talent.

3. Identify your ideal clients

Once you have determined which skills will be the most profitable and enjoyable for you, you should consider who will pay you to use them.

Many freelancers fail to be thoughtful and aspirational in this area. They begin freelancing and become so afraid of selling that they will accept any client who offers them any amount of money to do anything.

Consider the skills you have chosen to launch a freelance business. Who requires such assistance? And who would you want to work with if you needed that kind of assistance?

4. Create a service offering out of your skills

Selecting your skills was only the first step in starting a freelance business so you must sell them.

  • How would you put those skills to use for someone else? 
  • What service do you offer with those skills?

It’s a fine line to walk, but it is a crucial distinction. Writing is a skill, and email copywriting is a service. Coding is a skill, and developing custom mobile apps is a service. You must consider your skills as a service to sell them. 

Selling a solution is preferable to selling a service. Telling small business owners that you can write a copy for them isn’t very convincing. What does that mean? the business owner may wonder. Why do I require copywriting? 

When you simply share the service you provide, it is up to the client to imagine how it might apply to them.

5. Before you begin freelancing, legally incorporate your business

Now let’s talk about how to legally start your freelance business. Starting a freelance business sounds daunting but it’s not. 

But the first step in starting a business is deciding on a name. It can be anything you want and it can include or exclude your name. It may or may not be a made-up word.

Before officially launching your freelance business under the name you have chosen, you should conduct a basic name search to ensure it is not already in use.

You cannot use someone else’s name, just as you would not want other businesses to use yours. If your company’s name is so similar to that of another company that it causes consumer confusion, you may be violating a trademark.

6. Create a portfolio to show off your skills

Every client hires you because they trust you, whether they realize it or not. They have faith in you to do what you say you will do and to provide the quality of work you promise.

A client project may come easily at times. They could be family or friends, but most potential clients will need a reason to trust you. As a result, you must earn their trust. 

When starting a freelance business, the best way to build trust with a new client is to show examples of previous work that is similar to the type of work they are considering hiring you for.

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7. Create a client-acquisition strategy

You have laid a solid foundation for freelancing at this point. Now we will talk about how to get your first clients.

When you first start freelancing, there are three major strategies to consider:

  • Working directly with clients
  • Assisting as a subcontractor
  • Taking advantage of freelance job sites

Working directly with clients is the purest form of freelancing. Someone has a problem, they pay you to solve it, and no other people or platforms are involved besides the two of you.

Many freelancers have clients with whom they work repeatedly or continuously over a long time. These relationships are extremely valuable because the client already knows, likes, and trusts you. 

8. Make use of your existing network

Let’s look into finding direct clients and subcontracting.

When you are just starting as a freelancer, the most likely person to hire you is someone who already knows, likes, and trusts you.

The goal here is to strengthen your relationship. Begin by meeting and catching up with everyone in your network with whom you are already acquainted. It’s possible that you haven’t spoken with them in a while, and they are unaware that you’re freelancing.

You will make a great first impression by being thoughtful and reaching out. It will not be difficult to persuade people to devote 30-60 minutes to catch up.

9. Begin creating new advocates

When you make the rounds and reconnect with your advocates, you hope that one of them hires you or makes a direct introduction to someone who hires you.

That first project will be your starting point. Do an excellent and high-quality job for them. If that does not happen right away, you may start to panic and consider meeting with completely new people to pitch your services.

When you first start freelancing, your major goal in terms of outreach is to gain more advocates. The distinction between advocate and client is critical. Clients are first and foremost advocates. 

They wouldn’t have been a client if they weren’t advocates. They had to persuade themselves to hire you. You have the opportunity to start building a new advocate if you can persuade someone to spend 20-30 minutes talking with you.

This is the finest long-term and short-term plan for you. It is not always easy, but it is all about building solid bonds.

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Take the next step as a Freelancer With An Bui

We have just covered a lot of ground about freelancing, but the goal was to lay a solid basis for how to start freelancing and become a freelancer.

As a freelancer, you should be clear about the skills you will use. Read through all nine steps listed above to establish your freelance career and business. Have a good time, meet some new friends, and you will be generating new business in no time.

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