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How to Properly Ditch Your 9 to 5 Jobs

9 to 5 jobs

Most people, particularly, Millennials are increasingly moving away from full-time job employment, and climbing to the top of a company is no longer a popular career path. Most of them wish to leave their 9 to 5 jobs in favor of a dream job or a business. So, how do you make it simple? Now, let’s learn how to properly ditch your 9 to 5 job. 

Here’s the catch!

Millennials often see freelancing, starting their own company, or increasing their own business as the new norm. Research indicates that freelancing is on the rise. About 50 million people choose to freelance, which equals nearly 34% of the total workforce.

No need to worry! Let’s learn how to properly ditch your 9 to 5 job if you want to start a side hustle or learn a skill that will help you land the job of your dreams but make sure that the new job is appealing to you.

So, how to do it?

Whether you want to quit your job to try something new, to travel more, or if you are bored and dissatisfied with what you are doing, but just don’t know how to do it.

Continue reading this article.

Now, how do you quit your 9 to 5 job and secure a job for a life of hustling for work? Is freelancing or starting a business even possible to make a living?

Let’s look at how An Bui digital marketing, made the leap into freelancing, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship.

How to Quit The 9 to 5 Jobs Properly?

  1. Create a timetable

Making the transition from a full-time employee to a full-time freelancer is a significant step. Set a timeline for when you expect to make the move to make it more concrete. When things get tough, this will help you sta  y responsible and inspired. Setting a specific date would allow you to inform your boss of your future plans.

When planning your schedule, keep in mind not just your financial situation but also how you want to quit your job. Can you make a clean break or, if that’s an option, will you transition gradually?

There are a few things to bear in mind:

  • When you leave your job, how will your expenses change? You can save money on gas and driving, but you may end up paying more for health insurance.
  • Is it possible for your company to hire you as a part-time consultant? This will aid in the transition of the business and provide you with some predictable income as you learn to manage the solopreneur lifestyle.
  1. Have a specific goal in mind.

Everyone has a different reason for quitting their work and going freelance. Find out the main aim you want to reach in that time period after you’ve made a timeline for when you want to leave your job. Having a big target not only keeps you focused, but also boosts your motivation and sense of accomplishment.

You won’t have someone telling you what to do when you start thinking for yourself. As a result, setting a major target and sticking to it early on will only help you develop the skills you’ll need to succeed once you take the plunge into solopreneurship.

  1. Don’t burn bridges, build them.

You want to move as smoothly as possible from your current work to your full-time business or dream job.

The scenario for changing careers is easy. You will leave your old job until you find a new one. However, whether or not you can turn your side hustle into a full-time job is dependent on your psychological makeup and risk perception.

  1. Make a strategy.

After determining what your target is and how long you think it will take to achieve it, the next step is to set out the steps you’ll take to get there.

Let’s look at three moves that aspiring freelancers should include in their strategy:

Research what you intend to do.

If your ambition is to earn more money, the quickest way to do it is to use your previous job experience. Although many freelancers use the experience they gained from their previous job to help them transition to freelancing more smoothly, others can use their passion to jumpstart their freelance careers.

  1. Set your Rate.

To put it another way, deciding on a rate that allows you to live comfortably comes in stages. You’re not working for anything; you’re simply working for something other than money. Assume you were paid $40 per hour to perform a specific role at your previous work. Do you believe your boss charged the same amount to the client? There’s no way. They were most likely charged three times that!

  1. Switch Up

What if you take the plunge into freelancing only to discover three months later that there is no demand for your service? Or, maybe, you discover that the industry you work in whether it’s publishing, design, coaching, or blog management. Isn’t paying your bills?

If you’re going to fail, accept that you must switch up what you are doing and move on to the next task. If plan A fails, try plan B or even plan C. This may mean returning to work. It’s not perfect, particularly if you despised your previous job’s demanding work schedule, but it doesn’t have to last.

You could take an online course or employ a tutor or coach. Simply go to Online Career Accelerator for assistance in taking the business to the next stage. This will provide you with additional skills to add to your list of services, allowing you to diversify your portfolio and ensure more reliable work.

  1. Begin with a side hustle.

Most people begin their entrepreneurial journey by moonlighting on the side while still working full-time. This reduces the risk of failure. This gives you the opportunity to try your hand at hustling and landing clients without committing completely. However, be aware that this does not always provide an accurate image. Can you really give it all to be good with freelancing if you have the security of a guaranteed income from your job? Procrastination and laziness will destroy your motivation before it even begins.

  1. Understand the Situation Beforehand

Every time you say yes to something you don’t want to do, you will blame people, you will do a worse job, you will have less motivation for the things you were doing well, you will make less money, and yet another small percentage of your life will be used up, burned up, a smoke signal to the future saying, “I did it again.” Getting your job and financial issues resolved does not fix your life, but it does remove some big roadblocks, allowing you to concentrate more on what needs to be fixed. You have more bandwidth to concentrate on your self-actualization when you aren’t concerned about living paycheck to paycheck or stressing out about the circumstances of your work.

See, doing a job you despise or tolerate deprives you not just of the time you spend at work, but it also deprives you of the present moment and impairs your mental clarity when you’re not at work.  

Quitting your career relieves you of the detrimental consequences of doing it. The number one domino many people ought to knock over in life is quitting a job they despise. Ask yourself, “Should I leave my job?” rather than “Should I quit my job?” Tell yourself that this is a life or death situation and that you want your sanity and life back.

Bad work results in early deaths. Stress has the potential to destroy you. And you get the bonus of getting to hate a third of your life on the road to your death.

5 Easy Ways to Make Money Without 9 to 5 Job

How to become your own boss and make money without 9 to 5 job?

Below are a variety of ways you can make money without having a 9 to 5 job. Our recommendation is to go for all of them if you want to keep your life busy and satisfying. Continue reading this article to learn more.

  • Start A Blog

Blogging allows you to earn money in a variety of ways. You can write product reviews, earn commissions from third-party affiliates, display banner ads, open your own store, sell your own product or class, sell an ebook, and more. The more you write, the more you will learn how many ways there are to make money online!

Sign up for Online Career Accelerator to learn more about blogging and earn money if you’re interested in starting one.

  • Work as a Freelance Writer

These days, freelance writers are in high demand.

Since websites are continually releasing new material, they need the assistance of freelance writers to complete the task quickly. You may also compose technical content for catalogs, as well as articles about music, fashion, politics, and other topics. The list goes on and on!

To get some ideas about what to write about and how to become a professional freelancer, go to the Online Career Accelerator website.

  • Take Part of An Online Survey

This is something of a side gig, something you can do when watching TV or riding the subway. It’s a simple way to earn a few extra dollars per month, ranging from $100 to $300 on average. To increase your chances of applying for surveys, I suggest joining as many survey companies as possible. However, be wary of untrustworthy websites.

  • Become a Virtual Assistant

Many of us bloggers will employ the services of a virtual assistant to assist us with our workload. Since our schedule is so hectic, we need to delegate some tasks in order to concentrate on what matters most in our material.

So, what exactly is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a self-employed person who works from home and assists clients with technological, administrative, or creative tasks. It may be for a one-time or ongoing project, such as answering emails and posting social media messages.

You may work as a virtual assistant for a variety of tasks, including website design, bookkeeping, online analysis, database entry, and scheduling.

  • Work for Temp Agency

Joining a temp agency is advantageous since you will be represented and assisted in finding jobs. The interview process is easy, and you can tell them exactly what kind of work you want to do. You may also find a career that you like and be employed full-time. This happens on a regular basis!

To find catering companies, type Temp Agencies + the name of the city you live in into Google, then send them an email or give them a call.

Wrapping It Up with Online Career Accelerator

You have now decided to quit your work and take control of your life and finances. Everyone who reads this will be able to do it and say “I don’t want to work a 9 5 anymore”

Then, if you have decided to leave your job because it’s unsatisfactory and your boss or colleagues are making you crazy. It is finally time to hand in your two-week notice.

Are you sure about it?

Of course, Yes!

When you finally say goodbye to your 9 to 5 life and welcome in the new life of utter independence from an employer, it will be an exciting and satisfying day. As the day passes by, you look forward to the weekend when you won’t have to worry about work. There will be no more bosses breathing down your neck, no more scheduled breaks, and certainly no more long commutes.

Find out how to better quit your 9 to 5 job. Make sure the new path appeals to you if you want to start a side hustle or learn a skill that will help you land the job of your dreams. No worries! Online Career Accelerator is here to guide you. We have online courses tailored to your needs and we are here to guide you through to become successful in your career. Visit the site https://onlinecareeraccelerator.com/ for more information about the program.

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