• How to Get a Job in digital Marketing

How to get a career in Digital Marketing?

How to Get a Job in digital Marketing

How to get a job in digital Marketing is not easy for anyone. Every organization requires someone who previously has years of experience. Whether you are new to digital marketing or a fresh graduate from college. 

Here’s the catch! 

How will you understand without actually having a job? Competing against many applicants who have completed internships, earn an online course certification, and achieve a marketing degree. 

Here are some tips from An Bui for getting your first career in digital marketing.

Advice on How to Get a Job in digital Marketing

Obtain an advertising experience.

Gaining experience in Facebook Ads and Google Adwords may take some time to learn, but definitely, it is worth it. Many online courses like Online Career Accelerator offer advertising programs that will help you discover as much as you can. Then, try to practice in any means that you can. 

Learn everything you can to earn skills and experience.

The digital marketing field is all about learning and keeps yourself updated with the latest marketing campaigns and advertising. The fact that marketing best practices keep on changing, you must obtain expertise in the area. What works in one week may not work next. 

An bui digital marketing will support you along the way in finding job opportunities and how to get a job in digital marketing. Invest yourself in learning the following by heart:

How to improve your social media presence 

How to ace your remote job interview

How to get traffic to your website

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Propose your work for free, or take an internship. 

Everyone has to begin at the ground. You might not currently have the skills that digital marketing must have. Start structuring your finances so that you can offer your work for free or apply for an internship or entry level. You can volunteer for a limited time, for example, 30 days.

 By having this, you can:

  • Add your experience to your resume and do your job well to earn a prominent recommendation.
  • Learn from your colleagues and make connections in the digital marketing industry.
  • Start working with larger clients first than be able to create your digital marketing agency.

Start blogging.

A great way to build your reputation as an expert digital marketer is to create your blog site. At Online Career Accelerator, the course will teach you basic technical skills to practice your search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, and many more. 

You are not required to be an expert to start writing. Having a large amount of research for a specific topic you want gives you a starting point. Learn from the real experts like An Bui, consolidate what you have learned, and present it through your blog. 

Here are few reasons why you should start a blog:

  • It is free. WordPress offers free domains, and if you want to customize it, they have a low cost to purchase a dome.
  • Your blog will be available via Google that could help the recruiters to find you.
  • It is a place to present your portfolio and resume. 

General Job-Seekers Tips

It is time to enhance your online presence. Once you have nailed the basics of having digital marketing skills, expertise, and the experience required. Cultivate a professional mindset that will set you apart.

1. Consider your email address. As recruiters, and potential clients will assess you based on your email address. Create a Gmail account based on your first name and last name, leave any applicable references, and try to avoid numbers. If you have your domain, create a custom email instead.

2. Optimize your LinkedIn presence and make this your primary social media focus. Gain as many recommendations as possible, and fill out your profile completely. If you don’t have any job experiences, list your volunteer experience or online courses you have completed. You can add any professional or academic connection you have established. Showcase any of your writing or marketing works you have done in your portfolio or blogs.

Online Career Accelerator will assist you on how to look for clients. And sign up for LinkedIn, Fiverr, and Upwork and apply to jobs by messaging clients. The course will also help you apply to at least 25+ non-1-Click Apply / Easy Apply job openings on Ziprecruiter, LinkedIn, and Indeed.

3. Be bold in applying for jobs even if you are not hundred percent fit. Look for jobs via websites like LinkedIn, Fiverr, Indeed, and other job-hunting sites. Make sure your resume on these top sites to get discovered by potential recruiters.

When applying for jobs, don’t forget to include your personalized message in the cover letter. Your cover letter will help you highlight your skills, requirements, and interest in the job role.

4. Continue on networking. Ask for an introduction from your family or friends who are in the marketing world. If you’re lucky to find one, it would be easy, send your resume. You can also attend as many marketing online conferences as you can. The more people you meet, the more chances you can get to build your brand. 

Once you have completed the course at Online Career Accelerator, they will recommend you to top marketing agencies and help you land a job. They will also help you with job interviews. 

5. Reach out to companies with which you are interested. You need to know about the brand not just by looking at a company’s website and understanding the company’s products, services, and nature of work. You can also review the company’s social media accounts and try to get an impression of the culture. Some companies will not hire you if you are not a culture fit.

Once you have found a full-time job in Digital Marketing:

Congratulations! Getting a job is your starting point. Now, you need to secure the job and thrive in your new career.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Everything you learned about digital marketing during your internship, online courses, or in college may not immediately apply to your everyday tasks.
  • Always meet deadlines and expectations. There is no place for slow movers in the digital marketing world.
  • Don’t be afraid of a new challenge. Take on new projects and extra tasks when they come up. Keep on learning.
  • Always ask for help from people that are more experienced than you.
  • Continue to learn about the latest trends, best practices, and new tools. 

Are your digital marketing skills lacking? No experience or didn’t go to college? Online Career Accelerator can make your learning easy and fun. You will get the skills you need to succeed, whether your first marketing job or your career path

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