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How to become a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Growing into an individualistic digital marketing consultant is an excellent career opportunity. It’s a field that is essential in demand and responsibility you can do remotely and even from the comfort of your home.

A Successful online marketing consultant can earn more than $100K per year by offering digital marketing consulting services to other businesses or companies who need guidance from an experienced and certified professional.

An Bui has been working as a digital marketing expert for more than years now, and in this article, I’ll help you discover what it demands to become one.

You will learn what digital marketing consultants are supposed to do, what skills are needed, how to build them, how to discover clients, and how much money you can earn.

how to be digital marketing consultant

What is the difference between a digital marketing consultant, a digital marketing specialist, or a digital marketing manager?

The differences between a digital marketing consultant and other marketing experts can be summarized as follows:

A digital marketing consultant is someone that is more experienced in digital marketing than other digital marketing experts. A consultant is self-employed and or a high-rank employee of a company.

The most function of a digital marketing consultant is to plan a digital marketing strategy. And oversee the work of other marketing specialists executing the marketing strategy.

A digital marketing manager manages a team of digital marketers in a company or organization.

A digital marketing specialist works as a component of a digital marketing team.

A digital marketing freelancer is self-employed and extends marketing services to companies or direct to businesses.

Here are the actions to becoming a successful digital marketing consultant in 2021.

1.Build the important skills

What skills do I require to be a digital marketing consultant? To become a marketing specialist, you need to equip yourself with the following skills:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Paid Advertising and Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Business Management Skills

Training resources to become a digital marketing consultant: 

Online Career Accelerator 

An Bui founded an Online Career Accelerator. It offers digital marketing courses that equip students with comprehensive, in-depth, full-length program digital marketing topics. It broadens the assistance to assemble their professions and abilities to get exceptionally potential pay through digital marketing. They not only provide mentorship to students. Also present post-training resources while helping students with job applications, interview preparation, writing a high-end resume and cover letter.

2.Define your niche

Defining your niche involves two things. To determine your area of expertise and to specify your target market.

Determine your area of expertise

As a digital marketing consultant, be knowledgeable of all digital marketing channels, but you need to pick an area you can excel in.

Given an example, if you have a good SEO case study to share, you can use it to get more clients who are primarily interested in SEO. It’s simpler to ‘convince’ new clients to work with you if you have finishing stories to share with them. Once starting working with a client, you can gradually introduce the whole stack of digital marketing services.

It is how I started my digital marketing career. I had some SEO success stories while working as an Digital Marketing consultant, and it helped me get clients for Digital Marketing services. Over time I gained the client’s trust-they hired me to work on their PPC campaigns, social media campaigns, web design, and content marketing. 

Define your target market

Instead of getting any client from any industry, it is better to specialize in one area. Through specialization, you’ll be able to systematize your process, create more success stories, and finally be known as the digital marketing specialist for that niche.

The way to verify yourself as an expert for a specific niche is through blogging and publishing research studies for that corner.

For example, if you want to become a marketing consultant for law firms, you need to start blogging on topics related to ‘law firms marketing. Start connecting with lawyers on social media, attend local events, and strive to become the ‘go-to resource’ for anything that lawyers should understand about marketing.

It will eventually pay off. You’ll be capable of securing a constant stream of clients either through your marketing works or word-of-mouth. It will also allow you to raise your prices and get paid more for your services.

3.Establish your brand

Having an influential personal brand is more compelling than having a business brand because some companies are looking for consultancy services. They want to know the background and experience of the person that will supervise their marketing strategy. They want to engage with someone who will handle the work.

There are two techniques to elevate yourself and build a brand: 

#1 – Blogging

Having an immeasurable digital marketing blog is your most valuable asset and your means to reach more clients. It is a proven case of someone who wants to build a career in digital marketing.

So, if you want to be a successful digital marketing consultant, this is the initial thing you should do is: 

Start a website and commence blogging about digital marketing

#2 – Publishing your work on leading industry websites

Prove your authority and expertise by getting published on high-authority digital marketing websites.

If you can make your articles published, it’s an excellent opportunity to get:

  • More increased traffic to your website
  • More clients
  • Industry recognition
  • Earn backlinks to your website

To get accepted as a guest author on premium websites is not easy, but it is not impossible either. 

4.Decide on your pricing arrangement

Potential clients will make an inquiry about your digital marketing consulting services will be “How much do you charge?”. It is an anticipated question since the cost is a factor for any business deal.

From your point of view, you should be able to answer this question clearly and concisely.

There are three approaches to charge for your consulting services:

  • Per hour
  • By month
  • Per project

Your charge depends on where the client’s location, budget, type of business, how much they are willing to pay, and many other factors. During discussions, you can agree with the client on a price that makes both parties satisfied.

Your rate is strongly related to the expected return. Try to consider what would be the exact monetary benefit for the client and your work.

Within your six weeks at Online Career Accelerator, An Bui will help you with Career Acceleration.

Topics Included:

  • How to get a raise easily
  • How to negotiate for a salary
  • And hidden strategies to make more money in less time

5.Build your network

There are two techniques to build your network to improve your reputation and create leads for your consulting services.

Connect with other consultants

Find and connect with other consultants in your niche and slowly grow your following. The best tools for this task are LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

Having an adequate number of followers and being followed by experts is guaranteed for your reputation and branding.

Connect with your clients and their friends

A great way to get further leads is by connecting with the friends of your clients.

The platform to use for this duty is LinkedIn. When you get a new client, add them to your onboard checklist to connect with them. Then visit their profile, connect with their friends, employees, and business partners.

The chances of getting their friends to notice you increases. And have you in mind when they require digital marketing services. It is more likely to trust someone that has already worked with a friend or business partner rather than someone they never heard before.

6.Continue to educate yourself 

Digital marketing training never stops. You can never say that you know everything, and marketing techniques change all the time.

There are plenty of digital marketing training courses you can use to enhance their skills and become more efficient in your career. You can even encourage your friends to get certified and use that as an additional selling point when conversing with your clients.

The Digital Marketing and Career Training by An Bui is a renowned course for this purpose.

Do you want to become a Digital Marketing Consultant and effectively grow your business today?

To help you prepare for a career in digital marketing, An Bui – legit digital marketing consultant highly recommend taking online courses that would surely help you succeed in digital marketing career, discovered some of the different digital marketing strategies that businesses use, and also learned some new digital skills with Online Career Accelerator.

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If you develop skills in Digital Marketing, you will be doing yourself a huge favor. Even integrating a few of these ideas into your long-term plan might make a big difference in your career. Keep in mind, that experiential learning through a self-paced course, into doing real work for real companies is one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself as you prepare for a real-work environment.

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