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Do you want to be a marketing consultant? Then you wonder, “What skills do I need to be a growth marketing consultant?”

For sure, many of you want to be a marketing consultant but are unsure if now is the right time.

But how can you tell when the time is right? Let’s ask An Bui digital marketing some questions and learn some tips for becoming a great marketing consultant.

Marketing consultants are highly skilled experts who assist businesses in improving their marketing tactics. They use their knowledge and industry experience to assist businesses in reaching their maximum potential through supporting growth. 

So, are you ready to jump into this role? 

You’ll need a combination of soft and technical skills to interact effectively with your clients as a marketing consultant. Keep the following information below to succeed in your chosen field.

What Is the Role of a Growth Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant’s role varies widely depending on the company and project, but it usually entails advising businesses on the best method to reach their clients. Marketing consultants may assess current marketing activities and make adjustments. 

They also plan and implement social media or other marketing initiatives. They train other marketers on best practices and recommend new content, workflows, or techniques for reaching customers. Then, using analytical techniques, they monitor the effectiveness of marketing tactics.

The majority of consultants are also involved in the marketing strategy’s implementation. They frequently assist companies in tracking results and fine-tuning campaigns that guarantee that their marketing efforts provide the optimum outcomes.

Marketing Consultant Qualifications

To be effective as a marketing consultant, you’ll need to get a degree, have work experience, and establish a customer base. Here’s a quick breakdown of the skills and characteristics you’ll need:

  • An undergraduate degree in marketing, business, or communications (or an MBA with a focus on marketing, if possible)
  • A great portfolio demonstrates a track record of marketing success.
  • Several years of proven expertise as a full-time corporate marketer
  • Several years of proven expertise as a full-time corporate marketer
  • Experience working in a variety of businesses or expertise in a  sector
  • Copywriting and communication abilities that are second to none
  • Marketing experience in areas (social media, content, SEO, lead generation, PPC, etc.)
  • Confident in your abilities and prepared to defend your work.
  • Excel, PowerPoint, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office proficiency is required.
  • A comprehension of strategy vs. tactic (a strategy is a plan of action with a goal, while a tactic is a specific action that is part of implementing the strategy)

If you possess all of these abilities (or want to develop them), you are well on your way to becoming a successful marketing consultant.

What Skills Do I Need To Become A Growth Marketing 

Offering your services as a marketing consultant can be a great way to put your skills and experience to work for a variety of clients while working on a flexible schedule. 

Keep the following skills in mind as you prepare to take on this role with confidence.

Technical Skills

You would have a portfolio that displays your marketing experience, including successful projects and strategies you have developed.

You may also have expertise in a specific marketing niche, like experience working for clean energy startups or developing strategies for online retail businesses. If digital is your specialty and emphasis, you might position yourself as a digital marketing consultant.

You may also know the marketing process, such as:

  • Copywriting and communication
  • Branding
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO
  • Online marketing
  • Marketing automation software like HubSpot, Eloqua, and Marketo
  • Print or TV advertising
  • Public relations
  • Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Office skills

Soft skills

Creative thinking, analytical thinking, intrapersonal abilities, and the ability to communicate data-driven analyses to customers are essential soft skills for a marketing consultant. An excellent marketing consultant will also be collaborative and team-oriented, with a willingness to engage in your company’s story and target audience.

Many great marketing consultants are empathic and can successfully listen to clients to identify which strategy will work best for them. In many ways, this aspect needs you to absorb the message that the organization communicated to its customers and figure out how to improve it. You will be able to accomplish this more effectively if you have strong listening and teamwork abilities.

As a marketing consultant, having a mixture of these technical and soft abilities will allow you to develop a complete marketing strategy that considers the company’s business portfolio and goals.

Marketing consultants must also have the following skills:

Data Analysis

If data isn’t actionable, it’s useless.

Growth marketers understand how to gather the correct data, analyze it, define what it reveals, think critically about it, explain why something is the way it is, and extract actionable insights.

It enables the marketer to assess the efficacy of advertising, conduct experiments (more on that later), and use data to determine what needs to be improved.

Quantitative Modeling

A growth marketer can use historical data (such as organic traffic) to create a model that forecasts growth and predicts what performance will be like if things stay the same.

You can also use quantitative modeling to see if a business possibility is worthwhile. You can create a model using informed guesses to evaluate the possible impact of a marketing campaign or a new feature based on the information and data you have.

Experimental Process

Marketers must be willing to try new things. It assists you in determining which copy or visuals to use, which features to release, and what material to develop, among other things. A/B testing, multi-variate testing, and being able to convey the purpose for your trials are all examples of this.

Following the scientific process entails developing a solid hypothesis, designing an experiment, reviewing outcomes to see if the data is statistically significant, teasing out learnings, and selecting the steps while preserving complete documentation of your studies.

Front-end development

There is no requirement to become a full-fledged web developer, but marketing efforts frequently necessitate adjustments to the user experience on a website or a product. If you’re familiar with front-end development, you’ll find it easier to run tests and make changes without the assistance of a developer. You will be able to run tests that could have a significant impact on the business as a result of this.

Product Management

As a marketer, you should employ use product management skills at some time. It is especially true for individuals who do not manage teams.

It prioritizes what to work on, planning out projects, managing communication with stakeholders, and managing expectations.

Customer Experience

The customer experience comprises everything from the website experience to the emails they receive, the sales process, the product experience, and the customer service experience. As you may expect, this includes:

  • The copy and graphics used on websites
  • The challenges prospects have that nurturing emails speak to
  • How your sales team communicates with the prospect
  • How simple the product is to use

Improving each of these aspects necessitates communicating with individuals within the organization, doing customer interviews, understanding customer psychology, and empathizing with colleagues and consumers.

User Experience

As a marketer, you will undoubtedly need to produce visuals for blog posts, social media marketing, and other content marketing. When we talk about design and UX, we talk about how customers respond and interact with your website or product.

An Bui With His Marketing Expert Advice

Do you want to learn the top marketing skillsets for 2021? Let us ask An Bui about it.

According to An Bui, it is all about the mindset. It means you need to be in the appropriate “state of mind” to do something. To develop a growth marketing mindset, you must alter a variety of pre-existing beliefs, assumptions, and methodologies.

A marketing consultant should work with a company or brand to develop innovative ways to interact with new and existing clients. You should evaluate the company’s current marketing efforts, such as social media, advertising, and customer loyalty programs to increase sales and reach the desired audience. 

You will also be in charge of developing the company’s new branding, identity, and target audience. You may add to the existing strategy, remove aspects, or present the customer with an altogether new plan. 

To achieve these responsibilities, enroll at Online Career Accelerator. You will be more equipped to offer your skills as a future marketing consultant if you sign up for this program. Online Career Accelerator is an online learning platform designed to teach students, professionals, seniors, or even retirees about Digital Marketing. By this, you can establish a career and earn six figures salary.

As mentioned above, you will assist the company in increasing client engagement with the brand via social media like Facebook ads and developing effective social media campaigns. Also, you are in charge of social media and email marketing initiatives, as well as SEO-based internet advertising. These are some of the unique subjects you may encounter.

In just 10 weeks, you can have the background and skills to get started as a growth marketing consultant and even sustain your career in digital marketing. With the help of An Bui and his Online Career Accelerator, you can map out an achievable marketing plan and become an expert on your chosen field.

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